A New Chapter and a New Website!

Hello Everyone,

I'm proud to announce that our new website is finally here! For the last five months we've been working hard to bring you a site that shows you what Allie's Feed, Farm & Pet is all about! Excellent long standing service, quality products and value that we are known for. 

Please take a look around our site and all the new features we have added including a special "About Us" page that has past images and articles of Allie's and our family history.  I will continue to be uploading more content over time, and we are super excited to be able to share that with you on the internet. 

We also have some exciting happenings coming in the next few months! While I don't want to spoil everything, one project I've been working on is a whole new loyalty program that will make your customer experience even better.

This loyalty program will be the same as before, a point for every dollar spent and for every 300 points you receive a $10 coupon via email.  However, this new one will not only function as a points program, but will also allow us to collect frequent buyer cards digitally, make the process seemless, and in turn make your transaction time a lot quicker.  While this will only apply to some of the pet foods and animal feeds we carry initially, it will in time expand to all pet foods! No more cutting the UPCs off bags!

One last function our new loyalty program will allow is making sure everyone can have access to manufacturer coupons when they become available.  We felt that with all of these perks, the decision to switch to this program was a no-brainer!

Most common question we will get: Will my points carry over? The answer is...YES! Don't fear for losing your points! 

We will be switching over to our new program which is term Astroloyalty on July 11th.  

On top of all of these exciting changes, we have some great deals for summer and are also creating some new events for the fall, so keep posted for all of these updates!

See you soon at the store! 

Steve Briggs Jr. 


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