Allie's Feed, Farm & Pet FAQ


  1. Wait a second…where are the donuts?
    1. Right across the street! “Allie” was the nickname given to Frederick Alvin Briggs, who established Allie’s Donuts, a separate business in 1968, and Allie’s Tack Shop (now known as Allie’s Feed, Farm & Pet) in 1978. So grab a donut then head over and get some feed and treats for your awesome animals!
  2. Can I order my feed and supplies online?
    1. At the moment no. We are working diligently to bring you that experience in the future, but for now, please call the store at 401-294-9121, e-mail us at, or stop on by and say hello!
  3. Do you offer deliveries?
    1. Yes we do! For orders under $300 we charge a $5 delivery fee, and for orders over $300 the fee is waived. We deliver anything from feed, hay & shavings, and pet food to coops, fencing, bird seed, and much more!
  4. I order special pet food/animal feed for my animal and you don’t have it. Do you offer special orders and can you continually order my food?
    1. YES we can! We have many special orders every week and will go the extra mile to get you and your animals the food they need. Feel free to ask us by phone at 401-294-9121, email at, or stop in and have one of our awesome sales associates order it for you!
  5. Is there a discount for 4-h members?
    1. YES there is! 10% off everything but feed, hay, shavings, and saddles. This is valid with a 4-h club card.
  6. Do you still sell English Horse Tack?
    1. Unfortunately, we do not.
  7. Do you Price Match?
    1. YES! If you find any item that we stock regularly at another store whether it’s independent, big-box, or online, we will match the price if it is lower than ours. The item has to be the same EXACT product that we stock, and also can’t be matched on a sale price. We keep our pricing very competitive and most often cheaper than the competition and encourage our customers to compare our prices to our competitor’s.
  8. Do you allow animals and pets in the store?
    1. Yes! Bring in your animals we would LOVE to see them! We can also take pictures of them as well!
  9. Do you sell Chinese treats, food, etc.
    1. No we do not. We carry USA made treats only and USA made foods! Many of our products are also USA made and we stock USA made whenever possible for supplies.
  10. Do you sell live animals?
    1. No we do not.
  11. I’m a local and I’m interested in selling products in your store? What is the process?
    1. We are always seeking out local products from Maple Syrup to Goat’s Milk Soap and much more! If you are interested in us carrying your product in our store, please contact the store at 401-294-9121 or e-mail to get the process going!
  12. I’m seeking a donation from you. What is the process?
    1. We are constantly asked for donations all the time. Unfortunately, there is only so much we can give to different organizations. We prefer to donate to pet and animal related causes and will make exceptions for particular causes. We encourage those looking for a donation to either stop in the store, call the store at 401-294-9121, or e-mail for more information.
  13. I want to work at Allie’s! How do I apply?
    1. At various times during the year we will be hiring based on our needs. If you are interested in applying to Allie’s, please e-mail or stop in the store and fill out an application. Note: Because you apply does not guarantee a job, as we go through an extensive background and interview process before a decision is made.
  14. Do you host events year round?
    1. YES YES and yes! We have various events throughout the year including wild bird, beekeeping, poultry, and animal related events. If you want us to host an event or have an idea for an event here at Allie’s, feel free to contact us at 401-294-9121, e-mail or stop in!